Highmark Insurance: Working Hard to Help You Protect Your Dreams

Welcome to Highmark Insurance! We’re glad you’re here, and we want to take just a few moments to tell you about our company, our vision, and the defining characteristics that set us apart from other insurance agencies.

We know that you have a wide selection of insurance companies from which you can choose when you set out to protect your home, automobiles, and other things you have worked so hard for. And we know that there is no shortage of insurance companies claiming to be different than the others.

So, why should you choose us?

So, why should you choose us? Simple: because we are different! We are built on the idea that taking care of every customer—no matter how big or how small—will pay dividends in the end. We care about the people who come to us for our help, and we work hard to make sure they have the protection and peace of mind that they need.

So take a few moments, read about us, and see the Highmark Insurance difference. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call. Or, drop by the office and introduce yourself. We’re here for you, and we cannot wait to meet you and begin building yet another successful relationship!

Our Beginning

In 2006, our founder and CEO Tim Radcliff began to consider the state of affairs in the insurance industry. He had significant experience in various aspects of insurance, and one trend he noticed—a trend that truly bothered him—was that sometimes insurance agencies would neglect the “little guy” in their quest for the big client. Tim founded Highmark Insurance with a vision of providing the same level of excellent service and bulletproof protection to every client, regardless of how big or how small that client may be. Over the past decade, we have been guided by that vision, and that core aspiration has helped us to grow into one of the most successful insurance agencies in the industry today.

Make no mistake, we like getting a “big client” just as much as the next insurance agency, but at the same time we know that every single one of our clients is important. Just because you may not have the same net worth as someone else does not mean that you deserve any less protection or a lower level of customer service.

We strive to treat every customer as if he or she were our most important customer. And, really, that’s not too hard to do, because in our eyes, every customer is our most important customer. We work hard to bring excellent service and strong insurance products to every customer, and our business has grown steadily because of it.

Finally, we believe that no person is better suited to choose the level of protection that he or she needs than that person himself or herself. That’s why we don’t believe in high-pressure insurance sales tactics. Instead, we work hard to educate our customers as to the insurance products available, and the ways that each product can meet their needs. Then, we let our customers make an informed choice.

This means that, while we’re always ready and willing to answer questions, we don’t engage in pushing certain insurance products to customers who really don’t need them. Instead, we educate our customers and let them make the call.

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Our Employees

At Highmark Insurance, we know that a strong employer-employee relationship is key to a successful business. To this end, we don’t just treat our employees like fungible goods, or hourly-wage automatons; rather, we believe our employees are our family. And we treat them as such.

As a result, our employees have bought into our vision, and they take it as their own. Our employees know that our success is their success, and they work hard to bring superior levels of customer care to the table each and every day. They know that when our customers are happy, we succeed; and, when we succeed, they succeed.

Our employees work hard to make our goal a reality. Simply put, our goal is to bring to our customers the very best possible protection at the lowest rates we can. We know that providing a superior insurance product at a reasonable cost will do wonders for the continued growth and success of our business, and we stress this fact to our employees.

Our Products

Car Insurance

At Highmark Insurance, we know that different people will need a different type of product. In an effort to be able to serve customers of all income ranges, we offer a multitude of insurance products.

For those customers who are practicing professionals, we offer professional liability options. Likewise, we offer a wide range of personal and real property insurance options. Whether you need to insure a car, a boat, a home or your business, we have a policy that can work for you.

We offer other types of products, as well. For example, if you have worked hard to build a business, we have policies that can help you protect the business from unforeseen events. Likewise, we offer commercial insurance for those customers with strong commercial interests.

No matter what your need may be, at Highmark Insurance we have a product that can suit you. You’ve worked hard to build your dreams, now let us work hard to protect them.