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My name is Gloria Williams and I currently have and have had my insurance on my properties managed by Tina Williams at Highmark Insurance for a few years. I recommend her and her company to clients and friends as I have been so happy to have her taking care of my insurance needs as she is always so helpful and prompt with anything I need. In my opinion, she is a great asset to Highmark.


I am so appreciative of the wonderful way that I have been assisted by High Mark Insurance. Richard has been my agent and has helped me like no one ever has before. I originally called Highmark for home owners insurance. The biggest help has been through my home searching. Since selling my last home, I have been on a search for a new home. I have called Richard on at least 15 properties in the last year and a half. And although I always felt like I was bothering him with the amount of work he did on the properties I was shopping for, he was always there to ease my mind. He let me know things about the properties that I didn’t think about. His wealth of knowledge in his craft is nothing short of fantastic. I have recently purchased my new home and couldn’t be happier with the way Richard has made everything as smooth as possible. I have my auto insurance and specialty boat insured with Richard. I also sent my mother to him for her auto insurance. She had been with USAA for 25 years and finally had enough of the rate inflation. He was able to save her several hundred dollars per year and get more coverage. This has made all of us happy. I have sent friends to him too to do insurance for them. In a world where you hear a lot about bad business and people that seem to be angry, it is so nice and refreshing to call Highmark, speak to Richard and have my day brightened up. I sincerely appreciate everything you have done and will do for me in the future.


I just thought I would drop you a quick note about my Experience in working with Tina Williams. I have been working with Tina for about 4 years now and recommend all of my real Estate clients to give her a call when it comes to their home insurance needs. She is very professional and timely with her follow-up. I know that I have personally referred a number of clients that are now your customers. I not only recommend your agency, but also have 4 of my own homes insured through working with your company.


Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy dealing with Tina. She is truly a pleasure to work with and always happy to help. I always tell Tim when I speak with him, how helpful all of you are.


“Highmark Insurance was recommended to me by my neighbor 3 years ago. At the time, my auto premiums were skyrocketing so I called you. 3 years later, I have both my homes, my auto, my boat and even my business insurance with you guys. I love that you’re local and always available whenever I need to see or speak to someone. Thank you for looking after us….”