Worker's Compensation Insurance

What happens when an employee is injured while on the job?  What if the injury is such that he or she can no longer work, or can only work at a reduced level?  Who should bear the risk for actions that are taken in the scope of employment, irrespective of whether the actions were careless or negligent?  If you have ever pondered this matter—or even if you haven’t—you should know about Worker’s Compensation insurance.


What is Worker’s Compensation Insurance?

Simply put, Worker’s Compensation insurance serves two main purposes – injured workers get medical care and compensation for a portion of the income they will lose while they are unable to return to work AND it protects employers from lawsuits by workers injured while on work related activities.


Why Would You Need Worker’s Compensation Insurance?

In the state of Florida, Worker’s Compensation is a state-mandated compulsory insurance program that protects employers with 4 or more employees (1 or more employees if in the construction industry).

In most cases, the employee receiving Worker’s Compensation benefits will have waived their right to sue their employer.

Aside from meeting mandatory state requirements, Worker’s Compensation insurance provides the employee with financial support by means of medical care costs and lost income. The employer benefits knowing that they are unlikely to be sued for the employee injury and the employee is financially supported to assist in their speedy recovery and return to work.

Worker’s Compensation provides the employer peace of mind enabling them to focus on what is, ultimately, most important – the welfare of their employees and the management of their business.

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